Our Vision

“Redefine the retail and e-commerce landscape in Sweden by working on a customer-centric business approach, ensuring customer convenience and satisfaction”



Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of the products, increasing the variety of product, good customer service.

About Us

(Mega Market in Sweden Handelsbolag)

Best Online Asian Grocery Store in Sweden 

Technology in the past decades has advanced profoundly. This era of information technology enables us to be more dynamic than before. Using technology for our businesses is beneficial in many ways. The business market is growing and has room for more growth, especially the section dealing with industries producing fast moving consumer goods and selling those products online.

We are building this integrated system to support and increase the growth of companies and boost industrial sales in Sweden. Automation is key for reduction of labor and helps in eliminating unnecessary costs. The world of IT is constantly upgrading and bringing innovation all year round. We intend to use this advancement of technology in our mutual benefit.

In 2015, 78 percent of internet users in Sweden shopped online. A newer study shows that it’s expected that over 84 percent of online Swedes will shop online in 2019 (Newsecommercenews.eu)

In this era of technology, it is impossible to imagine a prosperous business without a good, reliable IT stronghold. To ensure prosperity of your business market you have to be equipped with the constantly evolving technology. The promised way to success is through integrating information technology in daily processes.

This is where Mega Market in Sweden Hadelsbolag comes into play where we sell Food items online and deliver them at customers door step.

Mega Market in Sweden Hadelsbolag aims to limit physical shopping and save time of potential customers as well as their traveling expense. It also aims to provide a wide range of Asian products. Megamrkt.se is an Asian grocery online store which provides services in Stockholm 7 days a week. Free delivery if order is above 250kr in Stockholm. For Uppsala products are delivered once a week with minimum order of 750kr, If order for Uppsala b/w 750kr  to 1000kr the delivery charges are 29.99kr and is order is above 1000kr then delivery is free of cost.